15 January 2024
Jonathan Djanogly calls on PM to work with allies to address the behaviour of the Iranian regime in the middle east

Following the Prime Minister's statement on action taken against Houthi military targets in Yemen to keep the Suez canal open for commercial shipping, Jonathan Djanogly calls on the PM to work with our international allies to deal address the causes of the problems in the middle east, that is the question of Iran.

Mr Jonathan Djanogly (Huntingdon) (Con)

Since 1875, the Royal Navy has had the key objective of keeping the Suez canal open for commercial shipping, so this action should have come as a surprise to no one, and I commend the Prime Minister on his decisive action in that regard. However, listening to the statement today, I am not hearing much of a connection with Gaza. What I am hearing again and again in questions is connections to Iran. It is easy to look at the symptoms, but the causes also need to be looked at. Will my right hon. Friend be working with our international allies to deal with the question of Iran?

The Prime Minister (Rishi Sunak)

My hon. Friend is absolutely right; the linkage is with the behaviour of the Iranian regime. We agree with the US assessments, and I can reassure him that we are working closely with partners. Obviously, we are taking steps to protect ourselves here at home with the National Security Act 2023 and other measures, but internationally we want to see Iran’s influence on the region create less instability. That is why, for example, our interdiction of illegal arms shipments is so important, and we will remain actively engaged on how we can do more.