5 September 2023
Local MP welcomes Huntingdon Ring Road safety changes

Jonathan Djanogly, Member of Parliament for the Huntingdon Constituency, has today welcomed the changes being proposed by Cambridgeshire County Council to Huntingdon’s Ring Road with a view to improving cyclist and pedestrian safety.

The changes are set out in a County Audit and Options Paper from July 2023, and it specifically focuses on cycle and pedestrian provision on the north side of Nursery Road. The ring road’s cycle route is on the shared use footway on the inside of it from The Walks North to Riverside Road. From Riverside Road back to The Walks North the cycle route is on the shared use footway on the outside.

Short term proposed changes include:

  • ‘End of Route’ signs installed on Ambury Road (July 2023).
  • Uploading of updated cycle maps to the County’s website and circulation of printed maps to libraries, community centres and bike shops.
  • Installation of additional signs to ensure clear and consistent signage of the cycle route around the ring road (timing dependent on funding availability).

Long term proposed changes include:

  • As part of prioritised routes within the Cambridgeshire Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan, options for improving the cycling and walking provision on some sections of the ring road, such as Walden Road and Castle Moat Road, are being considered.
  • The status of the whole ring road as an active travel route will be reviewed as part of ongoing work on the Active Travel Strategy and Huntingdonshire Transport Strategy.

This action taken by the County follows months-long correspondence, initiated by Jonathan in March 2023, as a result of information about the tragic death of local cyclist Mrs Celia Ward entering the public domain.

Commenting on the changes, Jonathan said:

“The tragic incident that took place in October 2020 on Nursery Road should never have happened, and my thoughts remain with Mrs Ward’s family and friends.

Both cyclists and pedestrians rightfully expect to be able to navigate the area safely, and, having spoken with a number of constituents about this matter since, I know how widely concerns about it are felt.

I am very pleased the County Council have now outlined changes that are being considered, including better signage around the area in question, and they have my full support in this. We will of course want to see action on these proposals, most of which are yet to happen, and I shall be following developments closely.”