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Local MP's demand fair deal for Hunts schools.

5th February 2007

Jonathan Djanogly and Shailesh Vara speak out against low funding for Cambs LEA.

Jonathan Djanogly and Shailesh Vara, the MP's for the Huntingdon Constituency and the North West Cambridgeshire Constituency spoke out against the low funding allocations given to Cambridgeshire this year.

"Hunts schools have lost out again compared with other local education authorities with the funding they will receive from the Government for 2007-8" says Shailesh Vara.

Figures that Jonathan Djanogly and I have just obtained from the Department of Education reveal that out of 149 Local Education Authorities in England, Cambridgeshire's funding ranks 128th out of 149 authorities.

Jonathan Djanogly said:

"When Labour MPs were campaigning for election back in 1997, they promised that a Labour Government would fund school students equally within a year of coming to office. Ten years later, a school in Tower Hamlets will receive £6,028 per pupil and, a school in Manchester will receive £4,390 per pupil. Yet our schools in Hunts will only receive £3,622 per pupil. So for a typical school of 1000 pupils, a school in Tower Hamlets will get £2,406,000 more than a similar school in Hunts while a school in Manchester will receive £768,000 more. Can this be fair?"


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