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Huntingdon MP praises Salvation Army staff

20th September 2011

Jonathan Djanogly has praised the work of Salvation Army staff at the King’s Ripton Court Lifehouse in Sapley.

Kings Ripton Court is a Salvation Army Lifehouse with 36 places for people aged between 16 and 25. More than a place to stay, Lifehouses are places of change. Residents are given a keyworker, and training needs are identified so that people can live independently when they leave. The training includes the ‘One Step Forward’ resettlement programme which provides information, skills and knowledge on areas including maintaining their future tenancy, building self esteem and confidence, budgeting, cooking, personal relationships, fire safety, security, and housing matters.

Speaking during a visit to Kings Ripton Court, Jonathan Djanogly commended the work of Salvation Army staff and the difference it made to residents:
“I first visited Kings Ripton Court ten years ago, soon after it opened.

“It's been a pleasure to visit again today and be reminded that Kings Ripton Court is not just a place to stay, but is a place where lives are transformed, given purpose, and people are restored into independent living.

“I think Salvation Army staff do amazing work here, and I would encourage people to support their work by donating to their annual appeal.”

Each year, The Salvation Army holds a fundraising appeal, with Salvation Army members and volunteers asking for donations to the church and charity’s life-changing social and community work. The theme for this year’s appeal is ‘Mending Broken Lives’.

Welcoming Mr Djanogly’s comments, Major David Jackson, leader of The Salvation Army in the region, said the appeal was vital for The Salvation Army’s work:
“We're very grateful for the support that people have already given, and we appreciate the backing from Mr Djanogly. We’re very pleased that he came to visit Kings Ripton Court again, and we appreciate his continued interest in The Salvation Army’s work. We hope that people will be able to give to our Annual Appeal so that The Salvation Army can continue to meet the needs of homeless and other marginalised people.”

All collectors will be carrying a permit, which can be produced on request, and will only ask for cash donations in blue Salvation Army donation envelopes or sealed Salvation Army collection tins. Should you be out when our collectors call, or if you receive an envelope through the post, please return to us using the free post address. If you are a UK tax payer you can gift aid your donation resulting in an extra 22p per every £1 donated, being given to The Salvation Army at no extra cost to you. Donations can also be made by visiting www.salvationarmy.org.uk/annualappeal

Jonathan Djanogly praises the work of Salvation Army staff on a visit to the King’s Ripton Court Lifehouse in Sapley.


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