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Post Offices - Sub Post Office Closures

25th September 2001

Jonathan Djanogly comments on the imminent closure of three sub-post offices in his constituency.

Jonathan Djanogly, the Member of Parliament for the Huntingdon Constituency, commenting on the imminent closure of three sub-post offices in his constituency said:

"I know what a vital role sub-post offices can play in rural areas, especially for those without their own transport. Pensioners, in particular, rely on them to cash their pensions and to provide a source of information and advice.

I therefore welcome Huntingdonshire District Council's plans to extend rate relief to all rural post offices and increase discretionary relief to 100 per cent, and call on the Post Office to match this support by doing more to encourage people to take over these offices on the retirement of the sub-postmaster or mistress.

The Post Office needs to appreciate, more than they seem to at present an atrractive package of information and advice to those who express an interest in taking over a sub-post office and offer incentives, financial and otherwise, to ensure that rural communities can continue to rely on these essential services." "


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