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Jonathan Djanogly welcomes the Prime Minister’s robust stance against Russian aggression

12th March 2018

Jonathan Djanogly welcomes the Prime Minister’s statement following the nerve agent attack in Salisbury. He highlights that sanctions are most effective when applied multilaterally, but raises concerns that when we leave the EU we will lose our position on the body that sets those sanctions.

Mr Jonathan Djanogly (Huntingdon) (Con)

I congratulate the Prime Minister on her robust stance against Russian aggression. She will be aware that the most effective sanctions are those taken multilaterally. The concern of some is that when we leave the EU, we will lose our seat at the table on the body that sets those sanctions. Will she therefore reassure us that a lot of effort will go into building up a new relationship to ensure continuity in our approach towards Russia?

The Prime Minister

The hon. Member for Barrow and Furness (John Woodcock) raised this issue of collective action. Obviously, as my hon. Friend says, the position in relation to the UK Government’s actions on sanctions will change when we leave the EU, and we are putting in place measures to ensure that the UK can act independently, ​but I also made it clear in my Mansion House speech that we would want to work with our allies on such issues. As he and the hon. Gentleman have said, sanctions are more effective when undertaken collectively.

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