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Countryside - Djanogly Speaks Up

1st February 2002

Jonathan Djanogly spoke up for the British countryside at Prime Minister's Questions this week.

Jonathan Djanogly, the Member of Parliament for the Huntingdon Constituency, spoke up for the British countryside at Prime Minister's Questions this week.

Mr Djanogly said: "The Prime Minister failed to answer my question which was: why does he still refuse to call a full public inquiry into the foot and mouth disaster?

It is important to note that the FMD had a more serious implication on us other than is often appreciated. Although we escaped the disease, livestock owners could not sell animals, many agricultural related businesses suffered as well as hotels and leisure businesses.

This Government does not care for or understand farmer interests or the wider issues of the rural economy - and I was pleased to have been given the chance to highlight this."


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