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A14 - Cambridge to Huntingdon Multi Modal Study

11th February 2003

Letter to David Jamieson at the Department of Transport

Mr David Jamieson MP
Parliamentary Under Secretary of State
Department of Transport

Dear Minister


Thank you for responding to my 10 Written Parliamentary Questions concerning the major A14 improvements to the public transport element of the Preferred Plan of the Cambridge to Huntingdon Multi Modal Study. The initial cause of my asking these Questions of the Secretary of State arose from the omission of any reference to the A14 in the Secretary of State's announcement of 10 February 2002 and the sparse reference to the A14 proposals in the Government's review of the 10 year transport plan announced on 17 December 2002.

Whilst I take some comfort from your response to my Written Parliamentary Questions of 30 January 2003, that work is continuing on the Highways Agency review, I am still concerned about the lack of urgent progress that is being made on the proposals.

I cannot overemphasise the importance of improved access between Huntingdon and Cambridge to my constituents, to the economy of Cambridgeshire and indeed for UK commerce, which runs through from the ports to the Midlands.

There is no debate in the minds of anyone locally that the position is rapidly deteriorating.

If I take for instance, the A14 during the last couple of weeks:

* 27 January - accident closes the A14 for 4 hours

*28 January - lorry crash closes A14 between 7 am and 5 pm

* 30 January - one inch of snow brings traffic to a standstill

* 31 January - traffic remains at a standstill for much of the day

* 3 February - accident closes A14 for 3 hours

* 5 February - accident closes A14 for most of the morning.

The fact is that road is simply not working and action to deal with this is vital.

Accordingly, could you please provide me with some indication of when the Secretary of State is to be announcing his decision and whether the improvements can go ahead and, on the basis that this will be a a 'yes', the date by which these works will be completed.

I attach a copy of some of the local media reports which will provide some indication of how affected local people and businesses are by the problems on the A14.

My understanding from this time last year was that the road improvements would be completed by 2010, but that this date has now been put back due to delays to 2011. Considering the situation on this road, could we not now bring the date forward?

Yours sincerely

Jonathan Djanogly MP

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