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  • 16th June 2009

    Jonathan Djanogly opposes a 'money' resolution in respect of a union-sponsored Private Member's Bill to increase statutory redundancy pay as it would put a significant financial burden on business and the taxpayer at a time of unprecedented recession.  read more »

  • 28th April 2009

    Jonathan Djanogly examines problems faced by UK pubs especially the 'supply tie' and outlines proposals to use the tax system to help pubs and to target binge drinking.  read more »

  • 25th April 2009

    Jonathan Djanogly calls for minimal delay in implementation of this assistance package and asks for reassurances about safeguards on a caveat that circumvents the need for Commons approval for assistance above £10 million.  read more »

  • 13th March 2009

    Jonathan Djanogly opposes a Private Members Bill that would increase statutory redundancy pay as being inappropriate during the prolonged and deep recession that the country is facing today.  read more »

  • 4th March 2009

    During several interventions in the debate, Jonathan Djanogly supports a proposal for the Attorney-General for Northern Ireland to be appointed by the Lord Chief Justice on the advice of the Judicial Appointments Commission and not by politicians.  read more »

  • 3rd March 2009

    Jonathan Djanogly supports the need for transparency in political donations, but raises concerns that if the thresholds at which political parties are required to verify the source are too-low it will make the requirement unworkable.  read more »

  • 11th February 2009

    Jonathan Djanogly welcomes proposals for partial privatisation providing that a suitable partner can bring much needed commercial confidence and investment to modernise Royal Mail. He also raises concerns about Royal Mail's pensions deficit.  read more »

  • 11th February 2009

    Jonathan Djanogly condemns the European Parliament vote to abolish the opt-out provisions of the working time directive which could restrict retained firefighters to a 48 hour week with no concession for inactive on-call time.  read more »

  • 9th February 2009

    Jonathan Djanogly introduces a series of amendments on behalf of the Opposition and tells MPs the Bill represents a missed opportunity to deal with the crisis in public confidence in the political system.  read more »

  • 20th November 2008

    Read Jonathan's speech during the Committee stage of the Political Parties and Elections Bill.  read more »


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