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Statement concerning Daily Telegraph article of 10 September 2010

10th September 2010

Jonathan's statement in response to the article in the Daily Telegraph.

“Following a series of malicious allegations made against me in newspapers last year, I felt I had to act to find out who was spreading these untrue stories.

I instructed a firm of private investigators to try to find out the source of these stories because I was extremely upset that my private family life had been invaded.

A report of their investigation was prepared and sent to me on a confidential basis and I am very disappointed to see the report released publicly without my consent.

I would never have contemplated condoning anything unlawful and dishonest in the investigations, and the investigators have assured me that their inquiries were carried out in an entirely lawful manner.

I am sorry if some people judge that I made a mistake, with hindsight I can see that I may have over-reacted, but I was being subjected to very malicious, anonymous attacks on my family.

I paid for the cost of the investigation myself and did not claim it back on parliamentary expenses.”


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