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Local MPs meet to discuss A14 ‘crisis’

23rd November 2009

Today local MPs Andrew Lansley, James Paice and Jonathan Djanogly met with John Bridge, Chief Executive of the Cambridgeshire Chambers of Commerce, to discuss their concerns about the delays to the A14 Ellington to Fen Ditton improvement scheme.

The decision to delay the upgrade until spring 2012 has sparked an angry reaction as many, including the regions Conservative MPs, are concerned that delays will continue to cause congestion and increase the risk of accidents along the A14.

Commenting on this Mr Lansley remarked;

“I have always been very vocal in my support for the A14 upgrade, as it is essential in providing the transport links that Cambridgeshire needs. Having corresponded with many of my constituents and Parish Councils about this issue, I know that there is widespread support for this scheme. For the Secretary of State for Transport to countenance further delays, constitutes an immense personal failure on his behalf.”

The Department of Transport have blamed the delays on the fact that the full extent of statutory processes had not been taken into account, a statement that has drawn criticism from Mr Lansley.

Mr Lansley commented:

“The Highways agency has had since 2003 to assess this process. The fact that they have failed to do so shows how badly they have handled this situation- we will not rest until this project goes ahead.”

James Paice MP for South East Cambridgeshire added his voice to those criticising the Government’s handling of the A14 project, pledging to campaign for development to begin immediately.

“I have previously promised that I would not let this issue lie until soil was shifted and work begun. I have not wavered in that commitment and neither have my colleagues. I hope this meeting enables us to present a united front to the Department of Transport and the Highways Agency on behalf of our constituents.”

Jonathan Djanogly, the MP for Huntingdon, at whose office the meeting was held, discussed the significance of drawing together the key proponents of the A14 upgrade.

“Given the huge importance of the A14 proposal to my constituents, in terms of road safety, regional access and local business, I thought it was important that local MP’s should meet to confirm our commitment to the project and coordinate our approach both together and also with John Bridge as a representative of local business”.

At the meeting those in attendance formulated a strategy to promote the speedy completion of works to the new A14, to discuss options to alleviate congestion and accidents and to minimise the effects of noise and environmental pollution on local residents and have jointly agreed to;

  • Eliminate every possible delay to the approval and implementation of the scheme
  • Ensure that legitimate concerns about the noise, pollution and environmental impact are given due consideration
  • Ensure the new strategic route is completed within the current timetable.

Photo: MPs Andrew Lansley, James Paice and Jonathan Djanogly discussing the delays to the A14 scheme.

MPs Andrew Lansley, James Paice and Jonathan Djanogly discussing the delays to the A14 scheme.


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