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Jonathan Djanogly raises concerns that EU is focused only on banking reform

17th December 2012

Jonathan Djanogly calls on the Prime Minister to ensure that the EU does not only focus on banking reform, but also on cutting waste and spending, CAP reform and repatriation of powers.

Mr Jonathan Djanogly (Huntingdon) (Con): Reform, for most EU states, seems to be focused on banking reform, but for many of us this extends to cutting waste and spending, CAP reform, and repatriation of powers—all things which will certainly be thrown into the reckoning in an in/out referendum or indeed any kind of referendum, so could my right hon. Friend explain how these wider issues are being addressed by the European Council members?

The Prime Minister: In terms of the UK, I think that the balance of competences review is a good exercise for looking at all our engagement with Europe and its costs and benefits. Within the European Union, all those issues are addressed and different countries come to different conclusions. We should not be frightened of standing up and saying very clearly what we think is in Britain’s interests.

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