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Jonathan Djanogly raises concerns about loss of business in the legal sector following Brexit

8th March 2016

Speaking in Parliament, Jonathan Djanogly raises the Law Society’s concerns that £1.7bn of business could be lost to the legal sector should the UK leave the EU.

Mr Jonathan Djanogly (Huntingdon) (Con): England and Wales have by far the largest law firms in Europe and provide by far the largest legal services market in Europe, which is 1.5% of UK gross domestic product. Does the Minister not agree with most commercial law firms and the Law Society that up to £1.7 billion of annual legal services output could be lost following a Brexit?

Mr Vara: We have one of the best legal sectors in the world. We are thriving both within and outside the European Union. Whatever the decision on 23 June, I am confident that our legal sector will continue to thrive.

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