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Jonathan Djanogly questions Foreign Minister over Iran nuclear negotiations

25th November 2014

Speaking after the Foreign Secretary’s statement on the negotiations with Iran on the future of their nuclear programme, Jonathan Djanogly asks if Iran could be using negotiations as a delaying tactic and, if so, what happens if no further progress is made after several more months?

Mr Jonathan Djanogly (Huntingdon) (Con): I do not think this has been mentioned yet this afternoon, but there are many people who believe that Iran has no intention whatever of getting rid of its nuclear weapons programme and is using negotiations as a delaying tactic. That being the case, if in four or seven months no progress has been made, where do we move to then? Would military action be considered?

Mr Hammond: I hear my hon. Friend’s point, but if negotiations under the terms of the joint plan of action are a delaying tactic, they are a very poor one, because what Iran has to do during this period is systematically and steadily to convert its stock of enriched uranium into materials that cannot be used and could not be used for further enrichment and therefore for military purposes. It is a rather poor tactic, if that is what it is.

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