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Jonathan Djanogly MP: Budget fuel duty freeze will save Huntingdonshire families £170 per year

22nd March 2013

The Chancellor of the Exchequer has cancelled Labour’s planned fuel duty rise in today’s Budget, saving 3.6 million motorists in the East of England over £170 every year.

Because of the action this Government has taken, pump prices will now be 13 pence per litre lower than if Labour were in power. For a Vauxhall Astra that is £7 less every time families fill up the tank – or £9 less for a Mondeo. A van driver will save £340 per year and a haulier will save £5,200 per year.

Fuel duty will now have been frozen for nearly three and half years - the longest freeze in duty for over 20 years.

Jonathan Djanogly welcomed the news, saying:

“This is good news for drivers, not least in Huntingdonshire where, for most, driving is not an optional luxury.”

“This is a Budget that is delivering for families who want to work hard and get on in life. Scrapping another of Labour’s planned fuel duty increases will make a huge difference to the 3.6 million drivers in the East of England.”

“This Government has frozen fuel duty for three and a half years - longer than any Government in the last two decades - and saving the average family £7 every time they fill up their car.”


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