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Jonathan Djanogly MP: Budget beer cut helps 4,505 pubs in the East of England

22nd March 2013

The Chancellor of the Exchequer has scrapped Labour’s plans to increase beer duty in today’s Budget, and instead cut it by a penny, meaning beer will be 1p per pint cheaper after Sunday night – 4p per pint cheaper than it would have been under Labour.

Jonathan Djanogly welcomed the news, saying:

“I am a supporter of responsible drinking and have seen that pubs play an important role in this. I believe that if the Government are considering introducing minimum prices for alcohol, a review of beer duty would provide a good counter-balance. Following meetings with Huntingdonshire representatives of CAMRA I recently wrote to the Chancellor supporting this point of view and am therefore delighted that he has delivered this cut in beer duty.”

“Labour increased beer duty by 60 per cent and left our pubs fighting for survival. We’ve not only scrapped Labour’s planned increase – we’ve actually cut it. It’s great for beer-drinkers, it’s good news for breweries, and for 4,505 of the East of England’s great pubs.”


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