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Jonathan Djanogly MP: Apprenticeships part of the ‘new norm’

15th March 2013

During National Apprenticeship Week, Jonathan Djanogly has supported the Prime Minister’s vision for it to become the new norm for young people to either go to university or start an apprenticeship.

Across Huntingdonshire 800 people started apprenticeships in the academic year 2011-12, and another 270 have started in the first quarter of this academic year. This is a percentage increase of 116% compared to Labour’s last year in office.

This comes as the Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR) have released a forecast that apprenticeships completed over the next decade could contribute productivity gains worth up to £3.4 billion a year to the economy by 2022.

Jonathan Djanogly commented:

“Conservatives in Government are investing in apprenticeships to ensure that the country has the skills it needs to compete in the world and people across Huntingdonshire are benefitting from this. I know from work that I have seen at Huntingdon Regional College and a number of local businesses that apprenticeships are a win for the individual and a win for the business.

“National Apprenticeship week provides a great opportunity to celebrate the positive impact that apprenticeships have on individuals, businesses and the economy.”

Jonathan Djanogly noted:

“There are record numbers of people taking up an apprenticeship, with a million starting one in the last few years. And as we take forward the Richard Review, our drive to reform and strengthen apprenticeships, raising standards and making them more rigorous and responsive to the needs of employers - means that an apprenticeship is increasingly seen as a first choice career move.


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