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Jonathan Djanogly calls for sanctions against Russia for murder of Alexander Litvinenko

21st January 2016

Jonathan Djanogly calls for sanctions against Russia as well as those individuals responsible for the killing of Alexander Litvinenko - a British citizen on British soil. (Photo: Parliamentlive.tv)

Mr Jonathan Djanogly (Huntingdon) (Con): We are constantly reminded of Russia’s human rights abuses against its own citizens, and we have initiated sanctions against Russia for its abuse of human rights against citizens of other countries such as Ukraine. Surely it is now imperative that we initiate sanctions against Russia, as well as against those individuals responsible for killing a British citizen on British soil.

Mrs May: My hon. Friend’s portrayal of the Russian state is right, but a number of sanctions have already been implemented in relation to this matter. As I indicated, in 2007 the then Government took a number of measures, including the expulsion of certain officials from the Russian embassy and visa sanctions, and some of those measures remain in place. Sanctions have been implemented, and further sanctions have been taken against individuals in relation to Russia’s actions in the Crimea and Ukraine. We are very clear about the nature of Russia, which is why we have continued to consider steps that can be taken. Anybody who thinks that sanctions are not in place is wrong—sanctions are in place.

| Hansard


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