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Jonathan Djanogly calls for EU to set up a single buying entity for Russian gas

28th April 2014

Speaking after the Foreign Secretary’s update on the crisis in Ukraine, Jonathan Djanogly calls for the EU to create a single buying entity for Russian gas to prevent Russia charging different countries different prices.

Mr Jonathan Djanogly (Huntingdon) (Con): Russia’s power derives from its ability to charge different countries different prices for its gas and thereby divide and rule, so why does the EU not create a single buying entity for Russian gas?

Mr Hague: There would be implications for national competence and sovereignty in deciding to take that measure, but we can have co-ordinated plans to make sure that Europe is able to diversify its energy supplies. One of the most valuable things that could be done in Europe is the creation of a true single market in energy, with the necessary infrastructure and pricing. That would do more to reduce both prices and, ultimately, dependence on Russia than having a single buying agency.

| Hansard



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