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Jonathan Djanogly calls for any new sanctions against Russia to be tough and substantial

1st September 2014

Following the Prime Minister’s statement to the House of Commons on Ukraine, Jonathan Djanogly asks about further sanctions against Russia and calls for any new sanctions to be tough and substantial.

Mr Jonathan Djanogly (Huntingdon) (Con): Will my right hon. Friend please confirm the exact steps that Russia needs to take over the next week in order to avoid further sanctions? If sanctions are required, will he please confirm that they will be tough and substantial and that Mr Putin will notice this time?

The Prime Minister: The steps that need to be taken are to stop supporting the separatists in eastern Ukraine with men and material, and also to release hostages and get out of the border posts that are part of Ukraine’s sovereign territory. Those steps, I think, would signal a change of heart from Russia and would result in an easing rather than a growing of the pressure. I do not accept that what has been done so far has not been noticed, but we have to show resolve in permanently turning up the dial if Russia continues in the wrong direction.

| Hansard


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