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Jonathan Djanogly asks PM about ongoing Swiss-EU negotiations on restricting EU migration

5th January 2016

Jonathan Djanogly highlights Switzerland’s ongoing negotiations with the EU on restricting EU migration to that country and asks if these negotiations are successful if that could be a model for the UK.

Mr Jonathan Djanogly (Huntingdon) (Con): If, as seems increasingly likely, Switzerland successfully negotiates restrictions on the freedom of movement, will my right hon. Friend’s position change as a result? Is what is good for Switzerland good for Britain?

The Prime Minister: As my hon. Friend might imagine, I am watching closely the Swiss attempts to renegotiate its position since the referendum. The difficulty of its position is that the EU is saying to Switzerland, “Yes, we’re happy to talk to you about free movement of people, but everything else is up for grabs”—there is no guarantee of Swiss access to any part of the single market without agreement in this area. That is worth thinking about carefully in terms of the relationship between a country—particularly a small country outside the EU—and the rest of the EU.

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