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Djanogly Disappointed on A14

11th June 2010

Jonathan Djanogly, Member of Parliament for the Huntingdon constituency said today that he was not pleased to hear that the A14 inquiry has been suspended.

Mr Djanogly said;
‘I would have wished for the inquiry to continue so that once the money is there we do not miss the next cycle of growth, in the way that we consistently missed the boat to build this road under the last Labour administration.

‘However, I accept Phillip Hammond’s position and his reluctance to pay for this inquiry before he has taken a view on his department’s overall spending priorities. Accordingly, it is now vital that we work together to keep the A14 as a priority project.

‘I remain convinced of the importance of this proposed new road to local health, to local access and to local and regional business. It also forms a vital part of the structural development proposals for the County. I am therefore fully committed with all Conservative Cambridgeshire Members of Parliament, to the new A14 being built as soon as possible.

I would fully encourage local people and businesses to write in to the Treasury’s spending review consultation to support the new A14 proposal.’


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